Cube Horizon placed 6th in Assembly 2013!

Cube Horizon placed 6th in Assembly Summer 2013 Game Development competition. This was the first game by Kaamos and we are very happy for the result :) Big thanks to everybody who tried out the game and who voted for us.

We are planning to continue developing Cube Horizon and would gladly hear any comments, if you have played the game. You can contact us on facebook or e-mail our producer: kai.e.ylinen[at]student.jyu.fi.

Congrats to the winners and special compliments to Confused Amoebas, who were from Jyväskylä University as well. Well done, guys!

Here are the results:
1st    2152p    KAAL by Pizzalaatikko
2nd   982p      Pölkky
by Lukas Yonatan
3rd    941p     Jink by tAAt 2013
4th    706p     Scyventure by Matti Ruupunen
5th    586p     Roboto by Confused Amoebas

6th    491p    Cube Horizon by Kaamos
7th    442p     M.A.D by Team Flying Blind
8th    412p     Specimen by Pimiö
9th    357p     Reclone by Rust0
10th   331p    Scyori
by Bluefox Games Entertainment (Kajak)
11th   263p     Office Runner by McBurrobit
12th   258p    Ardeo
: The First Stage by Ville Valtokari, Jyri Honkanen, Harpeet Thind
13th   183p    Rogue Resistance by Kajak Games
14th   162p    Flamia
by Asko Lahti, Aleksi Jokihaara, Aleksi Jeskanen, Iida Korpela, Hanna Karvonen and Esko Haila
15th   150p    For the King
by Kalle Hiltunen
16th   58p      I want it back by Future Devs

There were total of 22 entries this year. Jury chose 16 to the voting and 6 were left out.

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