Introducing Kaamos

Time flows, that's for certain. We started working on a digital game project in January 2013. It's almost April and we should already be half-way through.

This project was started as part of a Game Project course held by the faculties of Information Technology and Humanities in University of Jyväskylä, Finland. We applied to the course by writing personal applications. About eighteen students were selected and three different working groups were formed with a common aim: producing a digital game.

My group goes by the name Kaamos Games. We simply call it Kaamos for short. It felt like a suitable name in the middle of the gloomy athmosphere of Finnish winter. There's six of us actively working on this project through every week: me, Kata, Eetu, Oskari, Mikko and Santeri.

Most of the brainstorming and creation has been done during the past months. Now our members are hustling with a little more concrete work: planning puzzles and building the game levels, refining the camera work, writing a script, recording and editing sound effects, sketching textures and animating the moves of our main character.

Part of the team trying to look sharp, viewing the stage of modelling process. Our ninth weekly meeting on 20th March.

We've got a deadline on 18th May when we will be presenting our game to the audience of a cultural event Yläkaupungin yö in Jyväskylä. There will also be a possibility to play our game there. Because of this deadline, we're not able to complete the whole game within this project. It will remain a prototype. Nevertheless, there's always a chance to continue the development.

For now, we cleverly call the game Cube Horizon. There's cubes. In space. In another dimension.

The producer of Kaamos Games

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