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It's time to reveal something more of our game, which carries the working title CubeHorizon.

I’m one of the game designers in KaamosGames and I’ve been working mostly on the story and the characters. The CubeHorizon is a puzzle platformer game. The main character is a little girl, who is on an adventure in a world made out of cubes. The player’s goal is to proceed by jumping and walking on the cubes floating in the air and collect minerals from inside the cubes. The fun twist in the game is the game mechanics: the camera shows the 3D game world from one side at a time (as 2D), but the player can turn the game world horizontally and in depth. 

Here are some screenshots of the game: 

As you can see, the character is not ready yet :D Oskari and Mikko are still working on the graphics, for example the cute little girl and the textures of the cubes. Also the collectable mineral will not look so much like a purple gum ball as in the last screen shot.

Right now there’s 5 weeks left until we are going to publish the game demo, so we are a bit in a hurry. Okay, we are in a hell of a hurry, I guess. I’m still working on the game script, trying to figure out how to tell the story. I finished the first version a week ago (my first game script ever, yayy!), but it still needs some work. The next step then is to record the voice acting, which hopefully will be a lot of fun. I also work on the level design, making the first and second levels in Unity.

Why is the little girl in the cube world? What is the point of the cubes? Where is she heading and what happens in the end? I won’t reveal the story yet, you have to play it yourself to find out ;) Keep checking the blog, more material coming soon: pictures, music samples and more. And in May 2013: the demo version!

The game designer of Kaamos Games

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