The journey from sketches to a real game

In the beginning of January 2013 we were six noobs, who didn't know each other and had nearly zero experience of making a game. Tonight, on the last day of July, we have played the game called Cube Horizon, which is completely our own piece of art. We made it! We have pulled together the final version for the Assembly 2013 Game Development competition.

Here are some pictures and memorable moments from our awesome 7-month-long journey. Enjoy!

The first sketches our graphic designer Mikko made in January 2013:

(c) Mikko Jakonen

(c) Mikko Jakonen
In the beginning of the process, I loved the feeling that I am doing something totally new to me. I still sometimes have to pinch myself: have I really designed and made these levels? Have I really learned to add lights, sounds and texts? I felt excited like a child every time we got something to work, every time the process went forward just a little step. Yay, I can move the character! I can turn the world! Hey, this music sounds cool! Oh wow, we have background and textures!

The development of the player-character "little girl":
In one meeting, we discussed and voted about the looks of the character
based on this sketch by Mikko Jakonen.

(c) Mikko Jakonen

First version of the character's 3D-model.

The character in July 2013.

Character in Cube Horizon. Screenshot 31st of July.

 The development of the levels & their graphics:

This is how our game looked like early in April 2013.
The mechanics worked pretty well already, even if the game was not that pretty :D 

Early draft of one level in February by Katariina Pesonen,
and the finished level below, captured in July.

One of the most important moments for me was the game testing day in Yläkaupungin yö -festival. People came and volunteered to try out our bugged beta-version, which had 5 levels. It was touching to see people play, hear their comments and feedback and talk about our game and its development process with people.

Our testers found many bugs we didn't know about. It's sometimes hard to find the bugs, because we usually play Cube Horizon "too correctly". We touch the buttons only in the order you are "supposed to", don't panic-press them at the same time and easily become blind to what is easy and what is difficult. All the people, who tested our game in Yläkaupungin yö or elsewhere, thanks to you Cube Horizon has become much better!!

This is what it looks like now:

Screenshot of level 3, captured 31st of July

Screenshot of level 4, captured 31st of July

Screenshot of level 7, captured 31st of July

Now that I have played the final version today, I mostly feel amazed. Did we really do this? We, the six noobs? I also feel so damn proud.

Game designer, level designer & writer of Kaamos Games

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