Towards Assembly

After a short summer vacation, we're back to work. Our first project phase ended in May along the Game Project Course held by the University of Jyväskylä. We scored the highest points possible (a five) for our game prototype and team work, so I guess we have something to be proud of.

Some changes have happened since then. Our game designer Eetu left the project, since he will be spending the next year in other country. Our work routine isn't as hectic than it was before, because during the summer some of us live quite far from others. We haven't access to Pekan paja (a place where we used to meet and develop the game) either, since the course has ended. So we have had to do some adjustments.

We had planned to publish our prototype for testing purposes in May as well, but we decided to postpone the date. After the presentation and testing events in Yläkaupungin yö and JKL Expa, our next step is to participate to a game development competition held by Assembly Summer 2013. Because of the competition rules we couldn't publish our game just yet. It also had a massive bug (and quite a few smaller ones) that we really wanted to fix before sharing. All the competition entries will be playable via Assembly website quite soon. You can also vote! We'll post details later on.

Me, Mikko and Kata will be participating to the Assembly event on 1st-4th August, so we're available for conversation and stuff. :) The competition day is on Sunday the 4th, and that's when we'll have the estrade once again. The version currently uploaded to the competition management system is yet quite buggy and unfinished. There's three more update possibilities though, so at the moment we're busy fixing things up.

Time flows again, and I'm excited.
Producer of Kaamos Games

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