Choosing the Voice Actor!

We had an urgent need for a male voice actor to play the role of our father-character. We didn't want him uttering and mumbling with a strong Finnish accent (you know, that most horrible one), so basically every one of us was out. We didn't really trust our acting skills either. Instead, we decided to search for one.

The requirements for the task were quite simple: fluent pronunciation of English, charismatic male voice, preferably some experience of acting (but mostly an ability to throw oneself along), and maybe some love for digital games. The role was offered to the students of University of Jyväskylä via posting lists.

Offering a job based purely on voluntary work was a task I personally thought to be kinda hard. I expected to receive about five applications, since it wasn't a job to be paid for. We considered offering movie tickets or at least some credits for studies, but even those thoughts had to be buried. The only catch we had to offer was a different kind of acting experience, and a chance to do it better than somebody else would.

How wrong was I! :o We received 42 applications. Not one of them would have been a bad choice. People seemed actually excited to participate. Selecting only one was probably the hardest thing I've had to do within this project. I also realized that there might be something more to me not getting job interviews than a failure on my part.

Nevertheless, we found and chose one awesome fellow, Tapio Hänninen. Tomorrow we shall do some seriously fabulous voice recording, spending most of the day at a studio.

Producer of Kaamos Games

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