Producing sound´s to this game has been an interesting task. This is the first game project I have been in and I have learned a lot about audio production of video games, and also about teamwork and time managing etc.

Creating music for this game has been quite challenging task. I have produced some ambient music and also some minimalistic orchestral stuff. Later we will see what musical pieces will fit in with different levels of the game. I have no previous experiment in producing ambient music but I have found some useful tools like time stretching and various synthesizers, so I´m gradually getting a hang on it.

Producing sound effects has also been interesting and I have used various methods in producing them. To mention a few, I have showed the sneezing panda- video to my girlfrind and recorded the laugh. I have also recorded frying an egg as well as the usual running and jumping sounds.

Important aspect of the game will be the speaks and we have started looking for voice actor for the role of "the father". Speaks will be recorded in the near future.
Recording sound effect-"Main character gets fried"
I will maybe add some music examples when I have time/I´m not in so lazy mood.

Sincerely yours

Santeri/audio designer

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