Working together

Cube Horizon has moved forward with a nice pace this week. On Friday we gathered together for half a day at the university with the whole Kaamos team to work together on the project. So far we have worked mostly separately at home and only gotten together to have a meeting once a week. Working together felt very useful as we could help each other with problems and discuss solutions. Katariina worked with the first level and it's starting to look pretty good. Eetu was working with a later level from yet undefined part of the game and the tricky jumps he created seemed really challenging.

I worked myself with two new features this week. It's now possible to collect the minerals in the levels and the game keeps count of the number of minerals left in the level.

The other new feature implemented this week was a visual help for the camera turning controls. Speaking of the camera turning controls, we should implement an option for the player to change how the keys work. Mikko always complains about the keys working in opposite to what is intuitive for him but I like the current settings myself :)

The next thing I'll start working with will probably be the animation code. The hours resourced for the game are starting to wear thin on my part and I want to make sure that we have an animated character when the prototype will be published in May.

Progammer and 3D artist

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